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Join me Monday,11/30/2020, for a very important discussion about the economic future of our nation.

I've described 2020 as the storm that revealed all of the leaks. Some of the weak areas are slow drips that have existed for centuries. We've chosen to address other areas with temporary measures, never totally addressing the root causes. Other areas are gushers we've willfully ignored. The consequences of our choices regarding the economic security of large segments of the population have led to conditions that let us know we are on an unsustainable economic path.

Join us for an online session during which we will examine the historical, economic and social genesis and tributaries to the current state of Black entrepreneurship. Shaped by historical realities that extend as far as seven million years into the past, we will deconstruct the current state of Black entrepreneurship and offer possibilities for advancing contributions to the wellbeing of our nation and the world.

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Veronica Wright
Veronica Wright
Nov 30, 2020

Ron, how do I get in touch with you?

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